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We've helped:
Tech and Marketing partner of Jay Abraham, The Abraham
Tech and Marketing for JJ Virgin
Tech and Marketing for Bo Eason
Tech and Marketing for Life Book
Tech and Marketing for Richard Rossi and The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists
Tech and Marketing for Peter Diamandis

Power-Up Your Efforts with a Tech & Marketing Audit

  • Free Initial Consultation to find low-hanging fruit We'll meet for up to 30 minutes to get to know each other, ensure we're a good fit to work together, and get the full assessment process started.
  • Technology Stack Audit We'll identify hidden costs, redundancy, and inefficiencies, architecting a technology stack that makes your business operate at its peak.
  • Marketing Strategy and Funnel Review Here we'll find the gaps in your marketing strategy, and look for ways to optimize lead-generation and sales conversions.
  • Create a Clear Plan for Growth We've helped hundreds of business optimize their marketing, implement forward-looking technology, and remove the barriers standing in the way of scaling your business.

Schedule your free 30 minute conversation with our team to see how we can help uncover the gaps and start your tech and marketing audit.

Or you can call or email us at:
888-372-8823 or support@techguys.co

Or you can call or email us at:
888-372-8823 or support@techguys.co

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Frustrated by low quality leads through your funnel? Marketing teams love to sell wild dreams without a sustainable process or strategy to make it a reality sometimes at the expense of other business units...
  • Stressed from a lack of sales? Converting sales often requires a lot more time and energy than many teams are willing to commit...
  • Nervous about trusting a new tech or marketing team? Maybe your tech team used too much duct tape, and it’s time to take back control for the future...
  • Paralyzed by a lack of supporters that work to understand you? Every business needs a trusted team that can help them innovate and build their true vision...

Our deep expertise across many fields leads to better service.

What sets us apart is the unique intersection of a technology background, with a deep understanding and knowledge of marketing... a special perk that our team members possess, giving them an edge in battle.

Here’s just a few areas where we excel to give a clearer picture of why this blended skills approach is the future.

Thomas Culp

Lead Marketer & Lead Designer

Thomas brings more than 15 years of marketing, direct response design, front-end, and WordPress development to Tech Guys.

Mea Andrews

Lead Marketing Strategist

Mea has 15 years of experience in growth-driven marketing and technology, and loves to create ROI-driven strategies and processes.

Alex Chisholm

Lead Developer & Systems Architect

Alex uses his 13 years of broad programming experience to build custom applications and back-end infrastructure.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing experts have combined over 70+ years of experience in direct response and brand marketing. We take a holistic approach and look at every stage of customer acquisition to conversion. The “experience architecture” approach.

Technology Architecting

You need a firm technology foundation. We look at all aspects of an organization with an eye for creating solutions which make you more automated, flexible, and profitable.

Immersion Sequences

Understanding the different levels of interaction and engagement you’ll have with your customer from acquisition to sale is a foundation that helps direct efforts and strategic vision.

Direct Response Design

We base graphic design around optimizing for conversion. We have proven formulas for successful design.

CRM and Business Intelligence

Our team has experience with a wide range of CRMs and business intelligence platforms to consolidate and visualize your data.

Marketing Maps

Many organizations have very little visibility into the complexity of their marketing funnels. We help you uncover hidden opportunities and strategies to optimize your marketing efforts.


Copywriters range from direct response writers focused on sales pages, email autoresponders, and lead generation pages, to content creators for SEO.

Back-End Development

Our developers have experience in a wide range of languages, from PHP, Javascript, and server technologies like Apache, Nginx, and NodeJS, we can supplement or replace your development team.

Customer Avatars

In our current age of microtargeting and customizing messaging to reach smaller, niche audiences, understanding each of your custom segments can give you an extreme advantage over the competition.

Ad Management

Whether it’s Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, Adroll, LinkedIn, or another ad network, we focus on driving targeted traffic to your funnels, and optimizing your ad dollars.

Front-End Development

From WordPress, ClickFunnels, and LeadPages, to static HTML, CSS and Bootstrap development, we develop front-end solutions designed for mobile and desktop compatibility.

Customer Journeys

Going beyond marketing funnels, and lead magnets, understanding what happens after a sale, how customers travel through your entire organization, how they get support and further sales opportunities maximizes your impact for each customer.

Campaign Optimization

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We look at analytics and conversion metrics to find ways to improve performance.

Ecommerce Platforms

Infusionsoft, Shopify, Kajabi, and an endless list of Ecommerce platforms all come with various degrees of flexibility and limitations.

Marketing Funnels

Whether you have a marketing funnel sketched out, or are working on scratch, we can have you implement and optimize your funnels for leads and sales alike.

SEO Optimization

We can help you leverage the right tools and resources to build an on-site and off-site strategy to improve ranking for your niche.

App Development

We have experience with iOS and Android app development, along with knowledge of other app development platforms.

Sales Management

We can help you design and implement a strategy to improve your sales staff’s interactions and communication with leads and prospects, and track performance.

Here's a few of our favorite success stories:

Jay Abraham: Conversion Optimization

By creating a series of new lead-generation strategies, optimizing the existing optin experiences, and improving the website speed and mobile interface, we realized a 201.2% increase in monthly leads without any additional ad-spend.

Skills Used: Strategic Marketing Planning Direct Response Design Custom Development Tracking & Analytics

Planetary Resources: ARKYD Crowdfunding

Our team led marketing, design, implementation, and social media strategy for the ARKYD Space Telescope crowdfunding campaign. We raised $1,505,366 in funds by over 17,000 backers. The project was success both financially and socially, sparking increase interest in STEM and space exploration, and building a world-wide community.

Skills Used: Campaign Strategy Social Media Marketing Direct Response Design Implementation

United Nations SDG Collaboration Platform

We're currently developing a platform and framework of collaboration to empower individuals and teams to solve the world's biggest problems as targeted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals program. Seeking financial backing and partnerships to bring this platform to life!

Skills Used: Technology Architecting UX/UI Design Strategic Marketing Planning

Lifebook: Marketing Campaigns

By implementing an updated website experience, landing page optimization, and Ecommerce implementation, we reinvigorated the Lifebook brand with fresh capital and helped guide them into a successful partnership with Mindvalley, where Lifebook has become the largest, and most successful program they have ever offered.

Skills Used: Strategic Marketing Planning Direct Response Design Custom Development Email Marketing

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