Before you enter the gauntlet you need to know the rules of the game…

Below you’ll find our current crop of open positions up for grabs. As our delightful — and not at all camera-ready CEO — mentioned, feel free to apply for a position that’s not listed as well. One of the prerequisites for working at Tech Guys is the entrepreneurial spirit. So if you’ve got something up your sleeve that the world’s just waiting to see, let us know! We love creativity!

Application process: If you’re ready to apply for a position here’s what you need to do:

  1. Record us a video. Nothing fancy (unless you’re into that kinda thing), just a video that tells us why we should consider you for the position. Besides, there’s nothing like a little private humiliation among friends!
  2. Email us your video and resume. Include any portfolios, work examples, etc., and whatever you think we should know about you. Send it all to: — We promise to only laugh at your video. A lot.

Programming Ninja

A programming ninja is one who is proficient in the arts of slicing interweb programming codes of various types. We’re seeking ninja elites looking for 15-40 hours -of code chopping and slashing action- per week. Applicants should be able to pick up new programming languages quickly and/or be familiar with the stuff in that box over there.

Do you have the skills?

Not a ninja in all areas? Become a Jedi Master in one or two you have? Cool! Show us what you got…

Design Wizard

Designers aren’t born, they are created out of hard work and gravy. Lots of gravy. At Tech Guys we specialize in design solutions that don’t just look good, they perform good! We’re seeking the wizard that can cast spells with the best of them. Able to mix up a potent pot of prettiness AND marketing grooviness, all-in-one. Looking for 15-40 hours -of casting your design spells over clients- per week? Applicants should have a solid web development background with a portfolio to reflect it, and be proficient with the stuffs in the little grey box with stars in it.

Do you have the skills?

Not a wizard in all areas? Perhaps you’re still a naive young lad just out of school? Show us what you got…