Are you considering hiring a team to help you implement in your business?

Have you looked through the Salesforce documentation to see if your team can handle it, but would rather hire experts to help? If you’re looking for talented Salesforce Certified Developers to help you map out your business processes and implement a holistic Salesforce org, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re Tech Guys Who Get Marketing, a decentralized team of 27 developers, designers and marketers, teamed with detail oriented Project Managers. We’ve been in business since 2007 helping companies get their systems dialed in and integrated into appropriate CRMs. Our uniqueness comes from our ability to really dive deep into companies business logic, to map out all the processes, all of the logic — and THEN implement a solution that solves the problems that our customers were facing, as well as reduce the future issues.

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Here's Why...

  • Salesforce - logo - Certified Develop - Certified Salesforce Administrator - Partner ProgramBusiness Logic Audit: We spend time to really understand your needs before we write one line of code, to ensure what we build is what you need. That means mapping out how leads enter your system, how fulfillment happens, what process need to start once an action happens. We get into the WHY and the HOW of what makes your business tick.
  • Technical Design Document and Recommendations: After we understand what your needs are and what software your company is currently using, we’ll pull together a list of recommendations for software to get you to your goals. We’re platform agnostic – we help you find the right software for your needs, be that Salesforce or any other CRM. At this stage, we’ll create a document for you that lists all of the individual tasks, scoping out the full nuance of your unique implementation, which we’ll submit for your teams approval. Don’t worry; our Project Managers are well versed in Salesforce and can break down the most complex issues into simple bullets and questions.
  • Development: When you trust Tech Guys to handle your Salesforce integration, your success is our success: I bet that sounds cheesy – and maybe it is, but it’s still how we feel. We want to get your project completed on time, within budget, and within scope. This means our Project Managers need to be detail-focused, ensuring your company has a weekly update on the status of the project. From development time used vs estimated, to roadblocks and new requests outside of the initial scope, our Project Managers will keep tabs and always request approval before doing any additional work. Their success on a project is measured based on your happiness. We think that’s the way it should be.
  • Support: After a successful completion of a Salesforce implementation, there are bound to be questions. A new system means that there’s a learning curve, and we want to do whatever we can to make your kickstart successful. Usually, we create training videos for our clients which take them through how to do tasks inside the new system. We then organize and give those videos to them, so they can keep the training material on file for new hires, and/or for any questions that may arise. Outside of the videos, our Project Managers will check in monthly after completion, looking to see if there’s more that can be done to alleviate some of the transition troubles.

We Think Culture is Important…

There are a number of things to look for when choosing a company to handle the building and implementing of a major CRM. Our experience in the business has taught us that working with people we like, people that share similar values and enjoy having fun while doing great work, are the best. As such, we recommend all companies hiring out development services look for a good culture fit with their business. Looking forward to the weekly calls with a Project Manager, having a sense of friendliness with the developers; to us, that’s what makes “work” worth doing.

Moving to a new CRM can be stressful, and having a team that you enjoy working with can make the difference between loathing the transition period and enjoying the journey.

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Finding the guys at Tech Guys revolutionized the way I do business and my ability to scale my business… As soon as I met the guys at Tech Guys, I felt this incredible weight coming off my shoulders. All of a sudden, I had a team I could go to that… understands Direct Marketing.”

Chris Haddad

I have nothing but praise for Tech Guys because they actually get the holistic view of what we’re trying to do from a marketing standpoint and tech side. That’s why I’ve entrusted them with my biggest project to date and would recommend them to anyone.”

Yanik Silver
Maverick Business Adventures

“We’ve been using the Tech Guys for a Salesforce integration and they have been awesome. We work in the tech industry – you think if anyone could find a company that would understand marketing and technology, that we would be able to find them. We hadn’t been able to find anybody until we found these guys.”

Robin Robins
Technology Marketing Toolkit