EVERYTHING YOU DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW about the Tech Guys team…

There’s nothing worse than businesses talking about how great and unique and clever they are. Especially in the tech and marketing space. It usually winds up sounding like this Weird Al song…

Well, that’s not us. Though we do agree that we are interested in “client-centric solutions and synergy!” SYNERGY! SYNERGY!

If for some strange reason, you do want to learn a little bit about our team members, feel free to peruse our bios below. You can also check out our services here

Mike Cline

Aliases: Mikey, Ninja Zer0, Lion-O

CEO BS in EP Perl PHP JS/AJAX MySQL VB C++ IDL Matlab HTML Salesforce.com (APEX & VisualForce)

Mike’s evolution into the tech space all started with a Tandy TSR-80 that he first played with until becoming bored and then tearing it apart- while scratching up his mother’s countertop.

From there, it was all downhill; Visual Basic apps, basic tech support, outside service tech, Perl/PHP/MySQL programming, database engineering, remote system administration, discovered online marketing, technical backend for large scale online marketing efforts, process optimization, technical ninja for online marketing processes.

Mike just also happens to be a Rocket Scientist (yea, big surprise /sarc>). Mike received a degree in Engineering Physics from Embry Riddle in 2004. Even though Mike is a marketing ninja, he also has a passion for going to space! More importantly, he wants to build a summer home on Mars and drink Pan-Galatic Gargleblasters with the coolest cats on Betelgeuse.

Laura Gouin

co-CEO & Chief Operations Officer Masters of Arts in Theater Bachelor of Science in Education Business Analyst Entrepreneur Team Building Storyteller and Speaker Mediation Agile Methodology

Laura is an actress, director and writer who got tired of being a starving artist and discovered her creative skills naturally translated onto the business stage, which is all about storytelling.

Since that discovery, she’s had the pleasure of stepping into businesses to help improve or overhaul their systems and processes, mediate and team build, and has worked with CEO’s, helping them bring their visions and purpose to life.

As the COO/co-CEO of Tech Guys, she enjoys puzzle solving and mind melding with fellow coCEO Mike Cline on the various ways the TG Robot can help power up organizations for maximum positive impact in the world.

Laura is a firm believer in the power of human connection and that life is too short to work with people she wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee…or dirty vodka martini with. And she counts herself lucky to work with a company of digital marketers and technical experts who feels absolutely the same.

Fiaz Ahmad

Developer PHP & PHP Frameworks Javascript / AJAX / jQuery Third Party / API Integrations SQL Zapier Automations

Fiaz is a developer and programmer with a degree in Information Technology. From 2012, he started working within a software house as a Web Developer in Lahore, Pakistan where he worked directly with global clients. Beginning in 2017, he became a full time freelance developer. Fiaz loves to learn and travel and has his home base in Multan, Pakistan nowadays where he enjoys time with his family.

Kevin Brkal

SEO & Social Marketing Expert WordPress PHP CSS SEO PPC Facebook Ads Adwords

Kevin brings over 20+ years of digital marketing experience to Tech Guys. In the early days he was an affiliate marketer who built all of his sites from scratch. Over the years he has held various marketing positions with some well known online brands and then also spent time at a digital marketing agency. Today he offers clients a well-rounded approach to online marketing that connects all of the dots from SEO to Facebook Ads. He loves new challenges and delivers under pressure.

Bobby Buffum

Full Stack Developer BS in Game Software Development HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Jquery VB.NET, C#, C++ (.NET) Salesforce (APEX/VisualForce) | Salesforce Administration Game Engines (Unity, UDK) Technical Writing, Project Management CRM Management/Development Mail Platforms (mailchimp, aweber, getresponse, etc)

A gamer to the core- Bobby is a Technology Ninja who brings the tenacity of a gamer to Tech Guys. This dogged determination to overcome obstacles, affinity for problem solving, and the idea that a challenge just means you need to “git gud” and beat it, is a driving force behind his client’s success.

He has a Bachelor’s in Game Software Development and over two decades of coding under his belt spanning many languages, game engines, Customer Relationship Management tools, and a splattering of web tools to support those. It’s likely that if he hasn’t worked with something specific, he’s worked with something similar.

When not saving people from their own technology nightmares, Bobby is known for being a craftsman and a cosplayer. If you’re not familiar with cosplay, it’s a portmanteau of “costume” and “play” that’s very popular in pop culture. It is wearing your underwear outside of your pants at Comic Con which makes him the Batman of our group; the one we call when there’s trouble and we need someone to save the day and look edgy/brooding while doing it.

Alex Chisholm

Fractional CTO Platform Migrations Systems Architecture Flutter PHP Javascript / AJAX / jQuery Third Party / API Integrations Salesforce (Apex & Visual Force) SQL Website Security Python Big Data Apache Spark Physics Quantum Programming

A decade and a half ago, at the ripe age of 16 years old, Alex started working as a freelance coder with a global set of clients as well as some local clients in his hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Towards the end of high school, he became fascinated with physics and went on to get a B.S. at the University of Florida.

While studying physics and researching axion dark matter particles for ADMX, Alex continued freelancing before joining forces with Tech Guys Who Get Marketing.

Learning physics amplified his arsenal of skills with a focus on data analysis and critical thinking – great skills for handling clients’ toughest challenges such as platform migrations and systems architecture.

Alex loves to learn and travel and has his home base in Philadelphia nowadays with his growing family.

Camille Coté

Account Executive B.A. in Musical Theatre/ Business and Entertainment

Camille is an actor, musician, writer, and director who has moved far too many times to know where she’s from (if you ask her, she will be very stressed). She loves seeing projects through from the envisioning of ideas to the completion of the end goal which is why she went on to study both musical theatre and business (they’re more alike than you think!). This desire to help people achieve their goals and the fact that she can talk to anyone has easily translated to the world of Account Management.

She has a history of working on devised theatre and brings this same love of collaboration and innovation to her role with Tech Guys. She is very excited to be working with a team who is passionate about working on projects that leave a positive impact on the world. If you want to talk about how to optimize your current tech and marketing offerings, or if you need someone to sing background vocals on your next track, she’s your gal.

Thomas Culp

Lead Marketing Consultant & Lead Designer BFA in Visual Communication Conversion Optimization Sales Funnel Design Direct Response Design Copywriting Social Media Advertising Infusionsoft Email Marketing iContact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse, etc HTML/XHTML HTML5 Responsive Web Design CSS PHP Javascript & jQuery WordPress Salesforce.com VisualForce Photoshop Illustrator Audio/Video Editing Google Analytics Google Goals Optimizely Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) SEO

Thomas is our Lead Marketing Consultant and Lead Designer and brings 15+ years of marketing and Direct Response design experience to Tech Guys. He specializes in developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns designed to convert. On the design side, Thomas takes pride in bridging marketing aggressiveness with clean, modern, functional design. He’s always in favor of removing the dogma from marketing and putting things to the test.

When he’s not flying through marketing funnels and coloring outside the lines, Thomas loves spending time with his awesome wife and daughter.

Bridget DeJohn

Accounting Department

Bridget brings 23 years of experience with Inventory Control. She has worked as Inventory Control, Purchasing Manager and then Operations Manager. She traded inventory numbers for accounting numbers by joining the Tech Guys team.

Personally Bridget enjoys camping and kayaking. Bridget’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her two year old granddaughter Olivia.

Tess Galbiati

Project Manager Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance Communication

Tess is currently based in Chicago, and in addition to working with Tech Guys, she’s also an actor, musician, and burgeoning intimacy choreographer. She has focused a considerable amount of her artistic career working within children’s theatre and performing as many princesses with a few different event companies. When she’s not performing as a larger than life caricature, she is working on Very Serious Plays, like Hamlet (literally, she knows almost every single word in Hamlet, it’s a party trick). She also loves combining these opposing genres to introduce kids to Shakespeare.

Her speciality in the theatre– and also in her daily life– is working with others to help solve problems with many moving parts. She loves nothing more than breaking down complex languages, or other puzzles, into bite sized chunks so everyone can be on the same page and be part of the same story.

She received her BA in Theatre Performance from Arizona State University, where she also studied Psychology. Why she gave up the sunshine to live in the Midwest she still can’t say, but she’s eternally grateful that she did.

Lori Keenum

Accounting Department

Lori brings 25 years of banking and sales experience to the Tech Guys team. She’s worked as the Assistant Bank Manager at 1st Source Bank, Vice President of Mortgage Lending and served as a Board member and Chair of Lacasa.

When not crunching numbers for the team, she enjoys fishing, playing games on the computer, entertaining friends and sewing clothes for her little Yorkie Odie and Bolognese Cecily.

Will Lee

Spiritual Being Entrepreneur Streamlining Systems PPC/Adwords Ecommerce User Experience Makes great Pizza and Meat Buns

William started off learning simple HTML as a hobby while attending Parsons School of Design where he earned a degree in good taste (fashion design) and design marketing. Since his move to the countryside of Utah, he’s all T-shirts and shorts. He worked for various brands including Anna Sui and Vivienne Tam, before leaving the industry to pursue personal growth through the entrepreneurial path; like his dad.

Seven years after graduating from Parsons, William launched an ecommerce site selling protein shakes and supplements for a renowned dropship brand. Through careful website design aesthetics, user/customer experience flow, automating system processes, and driving his own traffic (paid and unpaid), he quickly became one of the top performers; sliding by the industry’s top performers in a crowded marketplace within a short year and sustained it. By 40, he was able to cross off nearly all items off his bucket list. What remains is to dive with Great Whites in the open waters and to dine with Jiro, a Michellin 3 Star sushi master.

His mind works faster than his ability to speak at times and he is good with abstract concepts as well as Asian recipes at home. When there is a dog present, he will pet it.

John Michael Moore

MS in Software Engineering, BS in Statistics Full Stack Developer HTML CSS JS Ajax PHP Jquery VB.NET C# C++ w/ Multithreading Java Technical Writing Flutter Third Party / API Integrations SQL Python Ruby On Rails MongoDB R Google Analytics Adobe Analytics Suite Big Data Git

John Michael Moore, formerly a nuclear reactor operator on submarines for the U.S. Navy, decided to pursue his affection for mathematical knowledge after an honorable discharge. Since then, he has obtained two bachelor’s degrees in Statistics and Japanese and worked for a large company as a website analytics analyst. Recently he completed a master’s degree with distinction in software engineering focusing on cryptography, C++ optimization, and algorithms through multiple platforms and languages.

John has a passion for encryption cyphers, number theory, and just about all things nerdy in nature. His wide swath of titles includes Game Fanatic, World Circumnavigator, Shellback, Statistician, Fashionista, Amateur Twitcher, and Foodie. He’s donning his robe and wizard hat for the next adventure through software engineering and is always down for the road less travelled.

Outside of career-oriented goals, he loves theater, opera, ballet, art, tattoos, the British Premier League, and all things relating to the sciences.

Sheila NeSmith

Accounting Department

Sheila brings more than 20 years accounting experience to the company. Under Sheila’s supervision as the Director of Finance & Capital Markets with a large commercial developer the company was able to maintain healthy, financially sound growth for the company. In addition to her accounting and finance oversight responsibilities, Sheila offered broad management, internal control, and strategic advice.

Sheila is also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida. She enjoys the Florida sun and you will find her on the water boating whenever she can.

Afroz Nissar

Aliases: Spacemalu, The Mongoose

BS in EP VB C C++ RoR MySQL Matlab Maple Mathematica Salesforce.com (APEX & VisualForce) HTML CSS JS Linux Guru

Afroz isn’t just a well traveled man, but he’s one of those rare people that learns about everything he can from lasers, space tech and quantum physics to business and the stock exchange to name a few.

He has taught English in China, run a private language training school (and eventually sold it), managed an import/export business, runs a logistics company, the list goes on…all while working with our clients as an external CTO to get their tech and marketing systems in order so that they can scale their business, automate processes, build better relationships with their customers and close more deals.

Afftene Ceri Taylor

A brilliant-actress-turned-tech-whiz! Too much? Oh. Okay.

So the story of the Afftene Ceri Taylor (yes, her initials actually spell “act”) is a bit less glamorous than that. After graduating from college, she hit a slump. No plan (and honestly, no money or hutzpah) to pursue acting. So she got a mind-numbing 9 to 5 in a customer call center. Through a wild turn of events that led to a video of her family going viral, she got inspired to apply to a few MFA programs (Juilliard, NYU, Yale…you know…no big deal). Despite getting super close to getting in, it was a big whomp, whomp, whomp. Then, while at work, a voice whispered: “learn to code”. So, right there, in between calls with customers, she got to googling.

Articles. How-to guides. Youtube videos. The more she read, the more she believed that she could make the switch. A career in tech could be the ticket she needed to feel “safe” while pursuing her acting career. And as fate would have it, there was an affordable tech bootcamp starting in a few weeks that would allow her to get a crash course in everything front-end. Six months after graduating, she landed her first big tech job as a Web Development Specialist at UPS. Finally, a job that pays like we are living in the 21st century and treats people as such. After an educational 3+ years there, another opportunity for UX designing popped up at Jackson and Coker. Another big raise and a new location? YASSSS!

Then….the pandemic hit. 2020 was a long year and it gave Afftene plenty of time to think. While tech is great, she had to admit that she was unhappy. And the source of that unhappiness was not living up to her own word of pursuing her acting career while holding down a job in tech. So, she quit the highest paying job she ever had to go and reflect (sidenote: The record should reflect that she did this in November 2020 before experts began calling this period “The Great Resignation” so you know what this means? Afftene is a brilliant-actress-turned-tech-whiz-slash-TRENDSETTER!).

7 months went by and what a time to do…nothing. Just wake up and journal and reflect and read and take acting classes and gained clarity. Now, she’s back. Acting and Coding. Happily. Blissfully. On her terms.

When she is not navigating between code bases, she can be seen auditioning, scrolling instagram, auditioning, reading self-help books and romance novels, auditioning, watching General Hospital, and auditioning more.

Amanda Winston

Operations Coordinator and Capacity Manager Lead Project Manager Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Minor in Digital Technology Agile Project Management Project Management Training Communication Quality Control/Assurance

Amanda (she/her) is Operations Coordinator and Capacity Manager as well as the Lead Project Manager at Tech Guys. She manages and continues the training of new and current PM’s, ensuring our clients receive the same exceptional service they’ve come to expect. Originally from Carmel, Indiana, Amanda is a Butler University graduate and is a Chicago-based actor and stage manager with various credits in theatre, film, commercials, and voiceover. As an actor, she’s found that her understanding of the human condition makes her the perfect advocate for client needs, while also understanding the heart of what good marketing should seek to accomplish. When she’s not working or acting, Amanda loves going on adventures with her husband and dog and gaming/geeking around with her close group of friends.