EVERYTHING YOU DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW about the Tech Guys team…

There’s nothing worse than trying to talk about your business. Doing so, especially in the tech and marketing sector, usually winds up sounding…ahem, like this:

Well, that’s not us. Though we do agree that we are interested in “client-centric solutions and synergy!” SYNERGY! SYNERGY!

If for some strange reason, you do want to learn a little bit about our team members, feel free to peruse our bios below. You can also check out our services here

Mike Cline

Aliases: Mikey, Ninja Zer0, Lion-O

BS in EP Perl PHP JS/AJAX MySQL VB C++ IDL Matlab HTML Salesforce.com (APEX & VisualForce)

Mike’s evolution into the tech space all started with a Tandy TSR-80 that he first played with until becoming bored and then tearing it apart- while scratching up his mother’s countertop.

From there, it was all downhill; Visual Basic apps, basic tech support, outside service tech, Perl/PHP/MySQL programming, database engineering, remote system administration, discovered online marketing, technical backend for large scale online marketing efforts, process optimization, technical ninja for online marketing processes.

Mike just also happens to be a Rocket Scientist (yea, big surprise /sarc>). Mike received a degree in Engineering Physics from Embry Riddle in 2004. Even though Mike is a marketing ninja, he also has a passion for going to space! More importantly, he wants to build a summer home on Mars and drink Pan-Galatic Gargleblasters with the coolest cats on Betelgeuse.

Kevin Brkal

WordPress PHP CSS SEO PPC Social Media Marketing

Kevin brings over 10+ years in online digital marketing to Tech Guys. In the early days he was an affiliate marketer who built all of his sites from scratch. Over the years he has held various marketing positions on the business and agency side. Today he offers clients a well-rounded approach to online marketing that connects all of the dots.

When Kevin is not helping clients dominate online he is spending time with his beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids.

Bobby Buffum

Visual Basic C++ C# Assembly UDK/Unity Engines PHP HTML/XHTML Java

In the darkest depths of space, lurking and studying all the evil knowledge to take over the universe was this lone Sith. Everything from computer programming to video game development and even the occasional way to make costumes. With these unusually unconnected skills he was planning to one day run the universe with his iron fist, his super manly ability to use Bondo along with a surplus supply of mountain dew. When one day he was debating his best course of action to take over the galaxy he proposed a question and to that question he received an answer, from a surprising source. That source was none other than the Dog Whispering, PBR drinking, same school in the middle of nowhere graduate, Casey. Who then offered up the opportunity to present his knowledge of the various force skills and to lay down the cowl of evil and submit himself to becoming a Jedi of the Tech Guys order.

Upon researching this option he quickly realized that the fastest way to take over the Galaxy was to join these vastly skilled knowledgeable Jedi’s of everything important to the world. Putting pride aside he decided to offer himself up as a Padawan tech and now strives to prove himself worthy in their eyes. Through their tutelage this abundance of oddly unconnected skills will become putty for the Tech Guys to create the next best weapon in marketing and programming.

Aside from his studies to become a Jedi here, you will find him frequenting nerdy places such as Anime and Comic Conventions where he proceeds to wear his underwear outside of his pants like all heroes. Meeting and talking to voice actors, and somehow managing to drink with the bands and famous folk. Usually those who meet him at such events remember crazy nights, lots of drinking, and experiencing things like “party vaters” which is essentially a rave on an elevator. Waking up in the morning to wonder where he had disappeared to and wondering when they will ever see him again. If you’re lucky he will give you his gamertag or other means of joining him in his constant war against the 13 year olds on Xbox live and the League of Legends.

Bobby is an all over multitasking, do everything, all the time, deadline eating machine who is geared up for nothing more than setting the internets on fire and achieving rockstar galaxy ruling status and Tech Guys are the masters.

Alex Chisholm

PHP Javascript / AJAX / jQuery Third Party / API Integrations Salesforce (Apex & Visual Force) SQL Website Security Physics Quantum Programming

Alex is a programming ninja and systems architect, who develops and integrates companies’ services and platforms to automate as much as possible and provide insight to a company at very granular levels.

Alex started freelance programming at the ripe age of 16 when he was exposed to online, freelance marketplaces and realized the value of skills. He worked throughout high school and college with clients around the globe to acquire a lot of experience in a diverse set of skills.

Near the completion of his B.S. in Physics at the University of Florida, Alex ran into Casey and joined forces with Tech Guys.

When Alex is not hacking away in a basement, he loves to travel and live on the road. He loves to learn new things, especially languages – from programming languages to Chinese and math, etc. Alex yearns for the space-faring age and will become fluent in Klingon if necessary to board the mothership.

Thomas Culp

Lead Marketing Consultant & Lead Designer BFA in Visual Communication Conversion Optimization Sales Funnel Design Copywriting Social Media Infusionsoft Marketing Email Marketing iContact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse, etc SEO HTML/XHTML HTML5 Responsive Web Design CSS PHP Javascript & jQuery WordPress CMS Whisperer Joomla ModX Salesforce.com VisualForce Photoshop Illustrator Flash Audio/Video Google Analytics Website Optimizer Optimizely AdWords

Thomas is our Lead Makerting Consultant and Lead Designer. He specializes in developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns designed to convert. On the design side, Thomas takes pride in bridging marketing aggressiveness with clean, modern, functional design. He’s always in favor of removing the dogma from marketing and putting things to the test.

When he’s not flying through marketing funnels and coloring outside the lines, Thomas loves spending time with his wife and disproportionately ornery 5 year old daughter (payback!).

Laura Gouin

Director of Project Development Masters of Arts in Theater Bachelor of Science in Education Agile Project Management Communication Team Building

Laura brings over 12 years of experience to Tech Guys and enjoys implementing solutions for her clients that exceed their expectations. She specializes in Agile Management and defines her primary role as being a Client Advocate. In her spare time she enjoys acting, directing, writing and traveling.

Lori Keenum

Accounting Department

Lori brings 25 years of banking and sales experience to the Tech Guys team. She’s worked as the Assistant Bank Manager at 1st Source Bank, Vice President of Mortgage Lending and served as a Board member and Chair of Lacasa.

When not crunching numbers for the team, she enjoys fishing, playing games on the computer, entertaining friends and sewing clothes for her little yorkie babies Odie and Bella.

Amanda Meyer

Project Manager Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Minor in Digital Technology Agile Project Management Communication Quality Control/Assurance

Many moons ago, destinies collided when Amanda, at the time a struggling actor and tea store manager, took on an assistant directing gig with the lovely and talented Laura at a local theatre. After riding out an awesome play, Laura was ready to expand her PM team and brought the wide-eyed Amanda into the fold.

Amanda thinks of herself as a communications mutant (think more X-Men, less creature from the blue lagoon). She brings 4+ years of professional stage management experience (if you aren’t familiar with the theatrical world, think of it as herding cats while trying to nail spaghetti to a wall, and documenting it ALL), and has successfully translated that, along with her uncanny ability to put words together, into the world of Project Management! Also a trained actor, she’s found that her understanding of the human condition makes her the perfect advocate for client needs, while also understanding the heart of what good marketing should seek to accomplish.

When not busy making her clients exceptionally happy, Amanda spends her time attempting to act her way out of a paper bag. Stage, voiceover, film, T.V. – you name it, she’ll try it (but let’s leave out the casting couch jokes, m’kay?). Amanda dabbles in directing as well, and enjoys exploring the amazing Chicago theatre scene with her main squeeze, Jonah. With the free time she has left, Amanda enjoys reading, thrifting, practicing yoga, expanding her mind, drinking fancy tea, and obsessing over the cuteness of baby sloths.

Casey Stanton

Aliases: Spontaneous road tripper, self-appointed team hair stylist, supersecretbicycleninja

Chief Marketing Officer Marketing funnel creation traffic generation (AdWords, Facebook ads) avatar identification persuasive copywriting product ascension development

Casey is a Professor of Practice in Marketing at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business and marketing consultant here at Tech Guys where he regularly helps our clients identify how to improve their sales and marketing efforts through direct response marketing.