When putting up a website, start with the minimum and build up, rather than trying to add in dozens of different things.

Here’s a simple “Tech Guys Blueprint” for getting your technology started right.

First, you need a domain and hosting.

You can get a domain for about $12 a year, and hosting for another $50 or so to start.

Now you’re going to need a landing page. Here’s the easy thing to do – steal one.

Get yourself an outsourced designer on a site like odesk, and point them to a landing page you received in one of the hundreds or so emails from marketing gurus, and tell them what you want yours to say.

Depending on how many changes you want made, you’re looking at about $20 – $50

Now you’re going to want to gather email addresses so you can follow up with people.

These start at about $20 per month.

Make sure you’ve got a form on your landing page so people can subscribe to your list.

Now you can send them emails with content and offers – either to your own product, or affiliate offers.

Need a place to sell your product? If it’s digital, clickbank is a great place, because you’ll also get access to one of the most active affiliate marketplaces in the world.

Selling physical goods? try 1ShoppingCart.

Now you need to get some traffic.

You can buy it from Search engines and social media sites

You can distribute videos to youtube, and write articles to submit to a wide variety of sites. Better yet, you can get someone else to do that for you.

Make sure you’ve got google analytics installed so you can track the results of your efforts.