Tech Power-Ups #2: Measuring Your Impact with Goals, OKRs and KPIs

Welcome to Episode Two of tech power ups, the elevator pitch for today’s installment can be if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Now, that’s a simple statement. But there’s actually a lot packed in there. You have to know: Where you want to go. What you want to measure to get there. Read More »

Tech Power-Ups #1: Understanding Your Customers

Welcome, everyone to the first episode of Tech Power-Ups. Tech Power-Ups is a *micro* podcast about marketing and technology designed to help you make smarter decisions. Podcast Transcript Today’s topic is customer avatars. That’s just a fancy name for your ideal customers. Knowing who your ideal customers are informs every step of your marketing and Read More »

$504k from 2 emails; here's how to win at email marketing

$504k from 154 person list (how-to)

154 people x 2 emails = $504,000.00 in sales. That’s the formula I want to talk about today – how we at Tech Guys generated over a half of a million dollars in sales with two stupid-simple emails for one of our clients… Before I get into the mechanics of the emails I sent, let’s Read More »

Stopping Spam Leads with Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form

If you use the Salesforce native Web-to-Lead form for capturing prospects questions, inquiries, or stories, you might have found that your incoming leads are 99% spam. We use the Web-to-Lead form on our site to start the marketing automation process, and a year ago, it was more of a headache than a solution. Internally, we Read More »

Google Analytics: The Dreaded "(not provided)" and How To Get Around the New Changes

Look at the graph above. See that orange line that starts somewhere near 5-10% of the total traffic and grows to almost 100% as of today? If you’re a marketer, this is a VERY important thing to take note of. Google has openly come out to say that they are obfuscating and encrypting data coming Read More »

4 MORE Ways To Use AutoResponders To Create Customer Loyalty And Boost Profits

In part 1 of this article, “4 Ways To Use AutoResponders To Create Customer Loyalty And Boost Profits“, I showed you 4 easy ways to turn your customers into raving fans while building product loyalty and boosting profits. In this article, you’ll learn 4 more powerful ways to put your sales and marketing on auto-pilot. Read More »

Google Website Optimizer: A Eulogy…

If you’re a user of Google’s excellent Website Optimizer (GWSO) tool, chances are you’ve already received a message notifying you that as of August 1st, our beloved GWSO shall be no more. This particular Tech Guy is taking it rather hard. That’s right, GWSO is being retired and…changed. Some might say upgraded. Time will tell. Read More »

Why You ALWAYS Test Your Marketing Emails

Email marketing gives you an incredible opportunity to follow up with your prospects and customers to make them more offers (which in turn leads to more money). On your opt-in pages, you have the option of whether or not you want to ask for a prospect’s first name so you can personalize the emails. Opening Read More »

Untangle Your Tech Mess: Start with the Basics

When putting up a website, start with the minimum and build up, rather than trying to add in dozens of different things. Here’s a simple “Tech Guys Blueprint” for getting your technology started right. First, you need a domain and hosting. You can get a domain for about $12 a year, and hosting for another Read More »

Creating Your Customer Avatar

An avatar is an idealized representation of your perfect prospect.