Sales Forecasting Secrets

Here’s what to tell your salespeople when they want “the good leads”…

If you’ve got a sales team or a salesperson, you’ve probably heard them complain that they need better leads. That they want more leads. Here’s the harsh reality: Any lackluster salesperson can close a highly qualified, hot lead. But a really good salesperson? They can nurture the relationship of a cold prospect and convert them Read More »


Stopping Spam Leads with Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form

If you use the Salesforce native Web-to-Lead form for capturing prospects questions, inquiries, or stories, you might have found that your incoming leads are 99% spam. We use the Web-to-Lead form on our site to start the marketing automation process, and a year ago, it was more of a headache than a solution. Internally, we Read More »


Mobile Technology, Techno Music and Green In Your Pocket

Every November since 2002, has put on its infamous DreamForce event where it releases new technology and showcases cutting edge applications of its technology. In fact, some of these methods are really cool. Not just your standard, “oh wow a new gadget cool,” but the, “this could make or save me 7 figures if Read More »