Personality Profile tool

Understanding Team Dynamics and the Personality Profile Card tool

Summary: Have your team each do their Unique Ability from Strategic Coach. Then, create a Personality Profile Card for everyone (free tool we created) so you don’t forget. Use the Personality Profile Cards to ensure you’re tasking the right person, rewarding them in a way they receive it, and keep all the important information in Read More »


Decentralizing Service Opportunities

Technology is swiftly moving towards solving problems that would otherwise be very difficult to resolve…


Culture Smells Like Team Spirit

I’m back, rested and enlightened from a recent trip out to Washington, DC, after attending Yanik Silver’s Underground 9. Here’s my big takeaway: Culture. We talk about it a lot, and we’ve done a lot within Tech Guys to promote a unique culture. From recently sending a video of my dog howling to a client Read More »