Backup your WordPress Website

Over the past few weeks, three of our clients have found themselves on the wrong end of an SQL injection attack. Their websites have been hijacked, with content being removed and the site defaced and traffic is being redirected to bogus offers in an attempt to steal PageRank. A common thread between two of them Read More »

Stopping Spam Leads with Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form

If you use the Salesforce native Web-to-Lead form for capturing prospects questions, inquiries, or stories, you might have found that your incoming leads are 99% spam. We use the Web-to-Lead form on our site to start the marketing automation process, and a year ago, it was more of a headache than a solution. Internally, we Read More »

Website Security — Help Protect Yourself From Common Hacks and Weaknesses

Website security is too often an aspect handled in a lackadaisical, reactive manner instead of with a proactive mentality, which keeps security in mind from the beginning of a project. Nonetheless, many web developers do not even learn how to properly develop code that is secured against the handful of most common vulnerabilities. One of Read More »

Anonymous hacks FBI computer, claims information on 12 million iPhone and iPad devices in the process.

Greetings, Internet! I thought I’d bring you some news from the dark side of the web today by filling you in on an apparent hack that was recently carried out by affiliates of Anonymous. “What was this special agent doing with information on 12 million iDevices?” The hack, performed by AntiSec, involved scouring an FBI Read More »


We take it for granted that our information is secure online. Our email, bank account, credit cards, social media; we don’t really give much thought to how one security breach could bring you down. Down like a Gibson. Turns out, we should probably be giving our security a lot more thought. SRSLY. Last week it Read More »