do i need a new website?

Here’s why you DON’T need a new website…

I was prepping for a talk with a prospect today, and something about their requirements got me thinking. This is what they thought they needed from me: > Rebuild our website > Swap out the current shopping cart with a new tool > Integrate a fancy email autoresponder tool What did this laundry list of Read More »

The 10 Misses and Musts of Product Marketing

Last year, product development genius Pam Hendrickson invited me to talk about online information product marketing. We chatted through the “10 Misses and Musts of Product Marketing,” where I was able to relive some of the war stories of past product launches. If you’ve ever been a part of a product launch, you know the Read More »

Slaying the Hydra: Stop Project Drag and Reduce Future Tech Costs

Stop me when this starts to sound familiar: You call your tech team with a few simple website changes. It couldn’t possibly take longer than an hour to complete right? The next day you get the dreaded response: “Yeah, that’s going to take us about 8-10+ hours to implement AND we’re going to have to Read More »

Backup your WordPress Website

Over the past few weeks, three of our clients have found themselves on the wrong end of an SQL injection attack. Their websites have been hijacked, with content being removed and the site defaced and traffic is being redirected to bogus offers in an attempt to steal PageRank. A common thread between two of them Read More »

Marketing Analysis: Simple Steps to Help You Compete in Today’s Online Marketplace

The first place to look for ideas might actually be your competitor. There are many tools out there you can use to determine your competition’s marketing strategy. These tools can help you figure out where their traffic is coming from, how they are getting it and how are they engaging their audience. You can even Read More »

Stopping Spam Leads with Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form

If you use the Salesforce native Web-to-Lead form for capturing prospects questions, inquiries, or stories, you might have found that your incoming leads are 99% spam. We use the Web-to-Lead form on our site to start the marketing automation process, and a year ago, it was more of a headache than a solution. Internally, we Read More »

Google Analytics: The Dreaded "(not provided)" and How To Get Around the New Changes

Look at the graph above. See that orange line that starts somewhere near 5-10% of the total traffic and grows to almost 100% as of today? If you’re a marketer, this is a VERY important thing to take note of. Google has openly come out to say that they are obfuscating and encrypting data coming Read More »

New Gmail Tabs — Learn How to Take Back Your Inbox!

Few things are quite as frustrating as when certain big-name companies change their systems and inadvertently destroy your productivity. I mean seriously…every time Facebook rolls out a new timeline design I find it infinitely more difficult to stalk the proper people in the way that I’m most comfortable. Give us a break developers! Enter Google. Read More »