Facebook’s Graph Search has been rolled out to most users by now, and if you don’t know what that means and you own a Business Page, you probably need to take a second look at your settings to make sure you’re up to date and ready to take advantage of these exciting new features.

What is Graph Search?

Graph Search allows people to seamlessly aggregate social data in useful ways using a query-based language. For example, a sample graph search can be:

search: "restaurants near me my friends like"

search: “restaurants near me my friends like”

While you may be used to traditional Search Engine marketing via Google, Facebook’s Graph Search is fueled by social discovery. Therefore, making sure your presence on Facebook’s system is properly categorized and optimized to take advantage of all the numerous systems Facebook has in place to classify your Page is incredibly important. The emergent search techniques pioneered in the mass release of Graph Search will only ensure that more and more people find services and products in this fashion.

How Can I Be Ready?

There are some simple things that you can make sure are filled out in your basic Page Settings in order to maximize your relevant categorization. If you are a Manager of your Page, visit it and click “Edit Page”, then “Edit Page Info” – here you can take care of the two most important things in regards to categorizing your page”:

Ensuring that your category, topics and company information are up to date are incredibly important.

Ensuring that your category, topics and company information are up to date are incredibly important.

  1. Make sure your Category is correct – ESPECIALLY if you are a local brick & mortar business. Numerous options open up to you in regards to ads and built-in functionality if Facebook knows you’re a local business. Take advantage of these options to convey quick information to potential customers.

  2. Make sure you have at least 3 tags for relevant industries/services in the Topics section will ensure a wide range of coverage and classify you properly.

While you’re in this section, now’s a good time to prune and update it – current trends indicate Facebook is trying to decode intent and tag large amounts of text. In addition to being helpful for your customers on Facebook, adding new text also gives your brand’s presence a boost in SEO, as often branded keyword searches will yield a social media profile.

These are quick tips in order to make sure your Facebook Page is up to par and ready for Graph Search. If you’ve had any success tips, let us know in the comments.

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