Over the years Tech Guys have been asked where we find our Project Managers by multiple clients wanting to onboard similar PM’s to their teams. So much so that we’ve decided to share our secret: our experienced US-based Project Managers and Virtual Assistants come from creative backgrounds, primarily in the field of theatre.

This unique artistic management and administrative support style means we get things done. We provide flexible guidance and assistance rather than rigid process and structure, which is the perfect match for entrepreneurs. Excellent communication skills, empathy, as well as critical thinking and problem solving are naturally ingrained in the artist. They know the world and the problems we’re solving within it are not black and white but rather, shades of grey.

We believe leveraging the creative mind can exponentially impact your business in the most positive of ways. It has certainly impacted ours. Do you have a project that can’t be supported by your internal staff? Or are you a busy entrepreneur who needs the right VA so you can focus on your unique abilities, while they handle all the administrative things that distract you? Reach out to Laura, our Director of Project Development at laura@techguyswhogetmarketing.com. She’d be happy to share more about what sets our PM’s and VA’s apart, and how we can help you get the support you need whether you’re looking for full time, part time, temporary, or permanent help.

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