Tech Guys Who Get Marketing is up to some important change in 2019. Take a look at the 11 minute video of our CEO, Mike Cline, below. He talks though the recently recognized role of Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT), why this role is making significant impact in companies, and why we’re moving in this direction in terms of our methods of engagement with clients.

CMT’s champion greater experimentation and a more-agile management approach. They are change agents across the company to create competitive advantage.

Which software you choose, how it operates, and how creatively your team applies it, matters. Marketing might not understand how to fully leverage what IT can offer, and IT might not understand how to accurately translate marketing requirements into technical capabilities.

Instead, marketing technology must be managed holistically. In a virtuous cycle, what’s possible with technology should inspire what’s desirable for marketing, and vice versa.

The right structure will help marketing become proficient with the array of software it must use to attract, acquire, and retain customers. It will help marketing leadership recognize how new technologies can open up new opportunities. And it will allow marketing to handle the technical facets of service provider relationships in both contract negotiations and day-to-day operations.

The CMT’s job, broadly, is to enable this holistic approach.

We hope this gives some clarity as to the changes we see happening in the world. Give this some consideration as you begin and continue to set goals for 2019.

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