$504k from 154 person list (how-to)

154 people x 2 emails = $504,000.00 in sales. That’s the formula I want to talk about today – how we at Tech Guys generated over a half of a million dollars in sales with two stupid-simple emails for one of our clients… Before I get into the mechanics of the emails I sent, let’s Read More »


The Ethical Bribe: Are you losing sales by not capturing your prospect’s data?

If I were to ask you to peg a value to giving out your personal email address to a stranger, you might say you’d need a stack of ten greenbacks to give it out. Then again, you might freely give out your “burner” email address, where you have a collection of spam and non-important emails. Read More »


More or less? What should you pay for tech and marketing services?

Why is it that you can talk to 10 competing companies, explain your needs, and receive 10 totally different price quotes? Are you being taken advantage of or is there really something to be said about these varying prices? As an Account Executive here at Tech Guys Who Get Marketing, it’s something I deal with Read More »


Men’s Life and Health’s Misleading Affiliate Garbage — Selling Elite Test 360 and Ripped Muscle X

The intention of this blog post is to show the scummy tactics that marketers use, and to educate those reading on how to be a more savvy shopper online. In March of 2012, I wrote a similar article regarding a marketer stealing Rachael Ray’s name and photo, and “endorsing” Max Colon Cleanse. Here’s another person Read More »


Can marketers have too much information about their prospects?

Over the past year, privacy concerns have received an abundance of press. Whether it’s Facebook’s not-exactly-foolproof privacy settings showing your personal shenanigans to your future employer, or Google deciding to use your product feedback history to enhance ads to your friends and family, we’ve all heard horror stories about online privacy. The internet has made Read More »


Marketing Analysis: Simple Steps to Help You Compete in Today’s Online Marketplace

The first place to look for ideas might actually be your competitor. There are many tools out there you can use to determine your competition’s marketing strategy. These tools can help you figure out where their traffic is coming from, how they are getting it and how are they engaging their audience. You can even Read More »


Cross Channel Marketing – Clearing the Fog…

Cross Channel Marketing When it comes to marketing, the point is always to acquire and retain a customer. That’s what Peter Drucker taught us, and that’s what I believe. Back 15 years ago when I first played on Prodigy, a single email was all it took to pique my interest about a specific product or Read More »


What is a Chief Marketing Technologist? And…do you need one?

What is a Chief Marketing Technologist? The position of CMT is a new executive level position that has been tossed around the blogosphere for a number of years. Many big companies have yet to fully understand the value of the position, primarily due to the lack of understanding exponentially changing information technologies- of which marketing Read More »


Google Analytics: The Dreaded "(not provided)" and How To Get Around the New Changes

Look at the graph above. See that orange line that starts somewhere near 5-10% of the total traffic and grows to almost 100% as of today? If you’re a marketer, this is a VERY important thing to take note of. Google has openly come out to say that they are obfuscating and encrypting data coming Read More »


Marketing Maps: Your guide to creating and executing a successful marketing campaign

Maps are a beautiful thing. Literally. People collect maps. Libraries brag about how many maps they have. Maps illustrate where we’ve been; where we’re going—and sometimes—where treasure is buried! It’s the buried treasure part we want to focus on today. What is a Marketing Map? Most business have no idea how potential customers use their Read More »