Using Storytelling to Increase Sales

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Storytelling in Marketing

All humans find it impossible to look away from a certain type of story — the story of the hero. That’s because we are hard wired for it. In 1949, mythologist Joseph Campbell published a mighty tome entitled “The Hero with A Thousand Faces”, showing that cultures around the world, throughout recorded history, have felt Read More »

Here’s what to tell your salespeople when they want “the good leads”…

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Sales Forecasting Secrets

If you’ve got a sales team or a salesperson, you’ve probably heard them complain that they need better leads. That they want more leads. Here’s the harsh reality: Any lackluster salesperson can close a highly qualified, hot lead. But a really good salesperson? They can nurture the relationship of a cold prospect and convert them Read More »

The Secret to Hiring Millennials

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Hiring Millennials

I want to break down the whole notion that Millennials are hard to hire. I’ve heard it dozens of times… things like: Millennials don’t respect authority Millennials don’t understand hard work Millennials are entitled In March, I spoke to a Board of Directors at a large bank who wanted to learn the trick to hiring Read More »