One Site to Rule Them All: Embracing Mobile Responsive Website and Application Design

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There was a time when building a website meant first defining your canvas. What did the latest browser stats tell you about your visitors. Were low resolution monitors being sufficiently crowded out by those wiley, seductive widescreen monitors? In the bad old days, we would make the decision—usually arbitrarily as the web browser stats are Read More »

Can marketers have too much information about their prospects?

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Over the past year, privacy concerns have received an abundance of press. Whether it’s Facebook’s not-exactly-foolproof privacy settings showing your personal shenanigans to your future employer, or Google deciding to use your product feedback history to enhance ads to your friends and family, we’ve all heard horror stories about online privacy. The internet has made Read More »

Marketing Maps: Your guide to creating and executing a successful marketing campaign

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Maps are a beautiful thing. Literally. People collect maps. Libraries brag about how many maps they have. Maps illustrate where we’ve been; where we’re going—and sometimes—where treasure is buried! It’s the buried treasure part we want to focus on today. What is a Marketing Map? Most business have no idea how potential customers use their Read More »

4 MORE Ways To Use AutoResponders To Create Customer Loyalty And Boost Profits

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In part 1 of this article, “4 Ways To Use AutoResponders To Create Customer Loyalty And Boost Profits“, I showed you 4 easy ways to turn your customers into raving fans while building product loyalty and boosting profits. In this article, you’ll learn 4 more powerful ways to put your sales and marketing on auto-pilot. Read More »

Anonymous hacks FBI computer, claims information on 12 million iPhone and iPad devices in the process.

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Greetings, Internet! I thought I’d bring you some news from the dark side of the web today by filling you in on an apparent hack that was recently carried out by affiliates of Anonymous. “What was this special agent doing with information on 12 million iDevices?” The hack, performed by AntiSec, involved scouring an FBI Read More »