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Magical Google Search Funnels (Not What You Think)

Yesterday I received an update about some new technology that Google added into Adwords, the service that allows you to place ads through the Google network. Today I watched the video on this new technology and almost pooped my pants. Wow, the data that Google is now putting into the hands of marketers opens the Read More »


Gaming Solves Oil Crisis

Or something like that. I had this video sent to me today and I was really stunned watching it. (Almost anything from Ted is stunning though) At TED Jane McGonigal talks about how modern video games are affecting society- and the notion of what that means. The social training and collaboration that is occurring for Read More »


Discover 5 Ways Technology Loses You Money Everyday

The video below outlines some of the way technology can LOSE you money in this online world, and how you can avoid them by choosing the right technologies for your business.