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GDPR And How To Protect Your Business Now

   In this short but informative video, Casey explains exactly what you need to do to protect your business and abide by the new GDPR regulations. The video will give you the basics of what GDPR is about, possible fines related to GDPR, and what to talk to your lawyer about. Watch it now, Read More »


How to Legally Spy On Your Competitors (to win more sales)

Competitor research is something that a lot of our clients struggle with. The right way to do a competitive intelligence analysis will not only help your company have better visibility online, you will also get more sales. Who are your biggest competitors? (These tools make this part easy!) Can you reverse engineer your competitor’s marketing Read More »


Our Secret: How Theater Artists Can Help You Get It Done

Over the years Tech Guys have been asked where we find our Project Managers by multiple clients wanting to onboard similar PM’s to their teams. So much so that we’ve decided to share our secret: our experienced US-based Project Managers and Virtual Assistants come from creative backgrounds, primarily in the field of theatre. This unique Read More »


Marketing & Tech Insider Webinar: Sales Forecasting, Augmented Reality and Engagement Art

If your business does any form of sales, this month’s webinar is particularly useful to review. In it, Mike and I talk through sales forecasting, which is how to use Opportunity Tracking effectively. We lay out the ideal Enterprise, SMB and budget tools that can be used to achieve more clarity in sales forecasting. We Read More »

Apple's Email Subject Lines from the past 6 Years

Deconstructing 6 Years of Apple’s iPhone Announcement Emails

On Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, Apple hosted one of their coveted Keynotes where they filled a room of fangirls and boys in order to launch their latest innovations. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it! I’ve been a fan of Apple’s phones since they came out, having crossed over to the Read More »

Charge more, like Elon. Then do more good.

You’re charging too little. Why charging MORE multiplies impact.

Back in late July, Elon Musk released his “Master Plan, Part Deux” in which he set out a second 10-year goal for the company. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s exciting, engaging and a hell of a statement from one of the most innovative leaders today. The Read More »

The Dan Sullivan Question for CEOs

Have a 2-Year Focus in Your Business for Increased Confidence and Likelihood of Being Successful

Last week, I hosted a Marketing and Tech Audit for a very talented doctor. Before the call, I did my homework, researched the doc’s business and his product line. I poked into the reviews his patients left him on a few websites… everything checked out. During the Audit, it’s my job to uncover all that’s Read More »

Grow Your Business 12-15% Simply by Caring More

Add 12-15% more revenue by caring…

Here’s a simple way to grow your business 12-15%, all while caring more for the success and happiness of your customers… If this sounds too good to be true, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. If you’re a guy, you probably have the same relationship with your barber or hairdresser that I do. When you Read More »

Storytelling in Marketing

Using Storytelling to Increase Sales

All humans find it impossible to look away from a certain type of story — the story of the hero. That’s because we are hard wired for it. In 1949, mythologist Joseph Campbell published a mighty tome entitled “The Hero with A Thousand Faces”, showing that cultures around the world, throughout recorded history, have felt Read More »

Sales Forecasting Secrets

Here’s what to tell your salespeople when they want “the good leads”…

If you’ve got a sales team or a salesperson, you’ve probably heard them complain that they need better leads. That they want more leads. Here’s the harsh reality: Any lackluster salesperson can close a highly qualified, hot lead. But a really good salesperson? They can nurture the relationship of a cold prospect and convert them Read More »